Performed and verified by native-speaking professionals, we specialize in translating all the major European and Asian languages into Russian and vice versa. Our translation skills support the following languages:

  • English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish to Russian
  • Russian to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish
  • Japanese, Korean, Chinese to Russian
  • Russian to Japanese, Korean, Chinese

Our translation tool of choice is Trados 6.5, the only non-machine translation memory (TM) solution to combine a rich and proven set of client functionality with the efficiency of Internet-based access to TM databases. The most advanced translation production technology available, Trados 6.5 enables us to provide our translation clients with consistency, efficiency and guaranteed industry-standard terminology, all without ever relying on machine translation.

Our emphasis is on large projects, and with a significant portion of our staff holding higher degrees in technical subjects, we are especially well-equipped to handle technical documentation and other complicated text.

We regularly work with the following file formats:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • PageMaker
  • Quark Xpress
  • hard copy

Our translation rates are as follows:

FromToEuro / source word
English, GermanRussian0.12
French, Italian, SpanishRussian0.13
Danish, DutchRussian0.14
Japanese, Korean, ChineseRussian0.18
FromToEuro / source word
RussianEnglish, German0.12
RussianFrench, Italian, Spanish0.13
RussianDanish, Dutch0.14
RussianJapanese, Korean, Chinese0.18
Additional servicesEuro / hour

* For Word, Excel, PowerPoint and HTML files, all formatting is preserved. The above rate refers only to DTP in PageMaker, Quark Xpress or PDF or to source material that has been provided as hard copy and for which the client wants the translation to look exactly the same in Word, Excel or any other format.

In addition to russian translation, we also offer proofreading, copyediting, creation and use of terminology databases, editing, literary and stylistic refinement, technical and literary editing, revision of documentation and cultural adaptation. Please Contact Us for additional information on these services.