Software localization

For nearly a decade, Papyrus Translations Ltd. has been offering its clients website and software localization services. After all, who better to assist you in maximizing your market share in foreign-speaking countries than translation experts? Whether you're seeking to localize your software manuals, marketing materials, branding, interface, and/or website for a specific language and country or a global audience, Papyrus Translations and our professional web design team at Fele Design are poised to assist you.

Thanks to our cutting-edge language localization tools, we can extract text from your HTML coding or software files without altering the code. Armed with that imbedded text, we flawlessly translate it into the language(s) of your choosing so that it is user-friendly and idiomatically correct for your target audience. Finally, we seamlessly reinsert it into the original program or file, thereby facilitating content management, even when handling multiple languages.

Of course, depending on your specific requirements, a wide variety of elements must also be taken into consideration when localizing your software. Please Contact Us to discuss your specific needs and concerns.